Repatterning Your Pets

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Our pets brings us sweet unconditional love and companionship. My two little dachshunds, Paco the Portly Pepper and Harry the Wizard Wiener, are the joys of my life. Even though they can’t articulate words as humans do, they communicate very effectively with their eyes, bodies, tails, and utterances. Words would be superfluous! My boys let me know energetically when they need something, how they feel, and how much they love me.

Sometimes our pets have problems just as humans do. And they respond quickly with awesome success to repatterning sessions. My Paco is one.

I was gifted Paco at 2 yrs old (with mutual glee). One night a terrible storm came in with loud thunder. He was terrified by the sounds, and ran behind the sofa shaking and trembling. Nothing I could say would get him out of hiding.

The next day, we did a session to repattern his fear of thunder. I identified a time in his past where he was startled by loud sounds and couldn’t get the focused assurance he needed from those at home, so he felt alone, vulnerable, afraid. Every time a storm with thunder came, his fear was reinforced.

After the repatterning session, Paco was very relaxed during thunder storms. Since then he no longer hides, instead he curls up calmly in my arms. He is one of my biggest advocates of RR, and sits by others’ side as they heal through this process.

I have witnessed many pets recover from traumas through repatterning sessions. They respond beautifully. Does your pet have an issue you would love to resolve? There is hope for all the creatures of Earth :)

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