Changing Perspectives


When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. This is a primary benefit from receiving a repatterning session. Timeless testimonials confirm this consistently, including my own life changes.

How can we change our perspective? One avenue is through understanding.

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of anger, you know it can cause you to respond with anger or fear. If the anger exchange festers, your energy drains and the relationship suffers. What if you then receive information from that friend that they just lost their job, or were in some kind of physical pain, or just received painful news that affected their life? Your response probably shift, along with your new perspective. Understanding may soften your heart and bring compassion, rather than matching anger with anger. Endorphins release in cascades, bringing high levels of peaceful energy.

Repatterning Sessions can bring us a higher understanding of what causes us to react negatively to other people or circumstances. A session may also reveal what is being triggered from past experiences, of a time long ago when the anger of someone else threatened or hurt you. These understandings help to re-wire the neural pathways in our brain, pruning away the out-dated automatic reactions, and creating new pathways of different perspectives so our response to others is from our hearts. The result: less stress, more clarity, more happiness.

When we know what needs to change and how to shift it, the world looks and feels very different in all kinds of delightful ways. Change your perspective. ReClaim YourSelf.