my journey

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My exploration of personal transformation began the day I found myself in a psychotherapist’s office, confounded by feeling the “victim” of circumstances. My journey of self-exploration was off with a bang. I discovered that I am not alone.

I also discovered that suffering from the pangs of loneliness, despair, deep fears, frustration in creative expression, turmoil in personal relationships, and a yearning to discover who we are beneath the “baggage” are conditions we all experience at one time or another.

I became a seeker of awareness. I became a workshop junkie. My mission to reclaim my power, purpose, and awaken to the essence of who I am led to the study and mastery of many healing methods. From this desire to heal and transform myself, I have become a guiding light and advocate for others to create a life of joy, vibrance and inner peace – where the magic continues to dance.

Today I offer a unique blend of intuitive guidance with many dynamic transformational healing systems, including Resonance Repatterning, visualizations, sound, color, movement, and more. With 27 years in private practice and seminar training leadership in the healing arts, I have created a powerful method for positive change which offers my clients many tools for perpetual integration.

Let me be your compassionate, guiding light to transformation. Take an inspirational journey with me towards re-discovering the treasures that reside within. Free yourself from loneliness, fears, past experiences that haunt you, from ancestral or past life patterns. Embody happiness, inner peace, personal power and vibrant energy. Attract loving relationships. ReClaim YourSelf. Will you take the adventure with me?

Why I offer my services:
I believe in the inherent goodness, strength and wisdom within nature and all beings. My intention is to provide inspiration, awareness, & pathways to creating extraordinary shifts for others to thrive in peace, prosperity, purpose & power. My journey aspires to continuously cultivate self-authorship of my life, and shine a light for others to reclaim themselves from past outdated responses to life, and live from a confident place of Command.”

B.A. Linguistics, University of Texas at Austin
Licensed Massage Therapist 1990
Certified Hypnotherapist 1998
Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner 2000
Certified Resonance Repatterning Seminar Training Teacher 2003
Certified Tama-Do Practitioner 2005 (Academy of Sound, Color & Movement)
Certified Conscious Language Instructor 2006
Council Guide Training – Delicate Lodge 2014
Dance Instructor
Classical Piano
PHD (ongoing) as a Student of Conscious Living