One on One

If you are interested in creating a more productive, vibrant, and peaceful life, Sylvi Salinas offers private sessions in a comfortable, relaxed and confidential environment. Unable to come in person? Sessions by Skype, VSee, or phone are available and equally life changing.

Everyone can benefit. Everyone can create positive change. All that’s required is a willingness. To choose is to begin.

Who are Sylvi’s clients?

Some of Sylvi’s clients wish to let go of a dysfunctional aspect of their life. Specifically, some seek relief to emotional issues with food. Others want to understand what keeps them bound to unhealthy relationships or to explore their fear of loneliness. Parents come seeking improvement in their relations with their children or to help their children move out of physical or emotional pain. Others want to increase their self-esteem. Some are seeking relief from profound grief and depression. And others are tired of simply surviving and wish to move on to thriving.

In fact, not every RR session requires a problem or symptom. Some people come to amplify their resonance with good health, a satisfying career and fulfilling relationships.

Co-creatively, Sylvi moves her clients to a deeper understanding of their problems or situation, offers guided direction to discover the opportunities and higher learning that their problems present, and provides tools required to resonate with their new reality.

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Pets have problems too, that can soon become our challenges. Sylvi has repatterned dogs, cats, birds, lizards, chickens, goats, and bunny rabbits. All creatures can benefit from Repatterning. Do you have concerns about your pets? Co-dependent to a fault? Unpleasant habits or behavior? Have you tried numerous remedies to no avail? Consider a “creature feature” repatterning session! Your loved one does not even need to be present in order to receive 100% benefit. Sylvi’s dachshunds are two happy recipients of canine sessions, always eager to feel even more glee. Pets have perspectives too. A happy pet is a joyful home.

What is an RR session like?

Attending a session with Sylvi is as comfortable as visiting with a close friend. As you talk about what you wish to achieve, she checks your resonance through a muscle checking technique. This identifies, unconsciously and consciously, what keeps you in limiting patterns, from not manifesting a goal, or what will help you maintain a happy and successful life. For example, she may help you identify old beliefs and feelings associated with a childhood experience related to your current situation.

After this information is gathered, you will participate in one or more methods designed to shift your frequencies from non-coherence to coherence. There are hundreds of methods used by RR practitioners. Some that Sylvi uses most often include guided visualization, sound, color, movement, breathing patterns, essential oils, flower essences, and energetic contact.

At the end of the session, most people feel a tangible energetic shift and leave feeling peaceful and light. The problems they brought to the session seem less intense or even non-existent. Clients report that later they are much less or not at all reactive to situations that previously caused them distress or anger, and they can respond with more relaxed objectivity. Fears turn into courage & confidence. Anger to compassion and joy. Procrastination into action. Sorrow into peace.

“When you change the way you look at things,
the things you look at change.”
- Max Planck