Sylvi Salinas cares about what she teaches, yet more importantly, those whom she teaches. Her enthusiasm is contagious and exerts a powerful influence on all who are privileged to have her as an instructor and mentor. Sylvi coherently guides her students. In turn, we feel supported and are eager to involve ourselves in what we are learning. I was blessed by the opportunity and honor of having Sylvi as my “foundation” instructor.
Betty Jo Thomas, Licensed Sign Language Interpreter

Sylvi is such a fun teacher! Her warmth and welcoming smile make it easy to feel safe and comfortable. She’s organized, clear and confident, so time flies and the learning happens easily and without any stress. Resonance Repatterning is life changing and powerful, and we are lucky to have such a fine teacher in Austin!
Denise de la Garza, Ph.D, LPC-S

I know Resonance Repatterning to be a powerful tool and modality for change, healing and transformation. I was blessed by having an amazing first teacher, Sylvi Salinas. Sylvi was very patient with me, taking me at a pace that challenged me yet kept me feeling successful. Sylvi not only encouraged with promising theories, but with her actual life experiences. She inspired me to dream big and GO FOR IT!

My security is now coming from a deeper faith in myself and life itself, instead of outward appearances of stability and assuredness. I am very grateful for both Resonance Repatterning and Sylvi Salinas for teaching it to me with her own special magic! I highly recommend Sylvi as a teacher for anyone who is ready for their life to elevate to the next level!
Lisa Shawley, Professional Recording Artist, Composer, Musician, THE JUST DESSERTS

Dearest Sylvi,
I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the four Resonance Repatterning classes I took from you. Not only have I had great successes working with my clients, I have also personally benefited from using what I have learned. Both the environment you provided and your unique presence enabled me to walk away from each day of training feeling refreshed and invigorated as apposed to feeling drained and tired. The environment you provided during the classes was comfortable and conducive for learning and your attitude and unique knowledge set combined to make each class not only more enjoyable than most trainings but a valuable addition to my knowledge and skill set.
Chesley Swanson, LMSW

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from you! Your seminars have always been fun and engaging! And you are simply a delightful and enjoyable person to be around!

Given that I intended on becoming certified in Resonance Repatterning, it was important to me that my teacher really knew the material. You definitely do! And, you present it in an easy-to-understand manner.

Another thing that I love is that you are clearly invested in supporting your students be successful. You’ve provided me with helpful, loving feedback in an effort to strengthen my abilities as a practitioner and have made sure that I received what I needed in order to meet my certification requirements. Thank you and bless you!
Jennifer Foster, Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner

I can’t say enough about Sylvi. She is a beam of light who sheds enlightenment on all who find themselves in her company.

She is an amazing teacher and makes learning new things, not only fun but easy to integrate and retain. I took the first three Resonance Repatterning classes from Sylvi and did my certification with her. In my opinion, I did not do so well my first try. Sylvi very lovingly and gently pointed out new possibilities for me and encouraged me onward.

It is her openness and belief in me that helped me in believing in myself. She would often say to me…” Lauren, I see you in your Divine Perfection and your Victories” and she does.
Lauren Johnston O’Connell, Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner, www.life-spotter.com

My experience with Sylvi as a teacher, instructor and mentor is one that I regard as the best I have ever had. Sylvi truly is intuitive as both a teacher and a friend. Her true care and concern for the human condition comes across in everything and makes her such an effective and loving teacher. I look forward to more training from Sylvi! -_Tiffany Sobenes-Desme’ – RR Practitioner in Training_

I have taken the RR series up through Five Elements with Sylvi, and I so enjoyed every single one. Sylvi teaches with a relaxed style that makes the environment conducive to everyone’s success. We (the participants) learned a lot and had a great time in the process. In particular, we all enjoyed, and benefited from, the demo repatterning sessions. I am pleased with how much I learned. I feel comfortable with and competent in the RR process, even though I came to the class with no prior experience. A wonderful and unexpected side effect was that all of the class participants grew close during the time we took classes. This happened naturally as we watched each other’s repatterning demo sessions. The class series was a success in all ways, and I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Sylvi.
Leigh Ann Lipscomb, Educator

I have not only taken numerous classes from Sylvi but have also received private sessions from her. She is a gifted practitioner, as well as an awesome teacher who imparts her knowledge of and experience in Repatterning with warmth, joy, love and enthusiasm, always providing a safe environment for learning and healing.
Jennifer Williams, Paralegal