What is Resonance Repatterning

What is “resonance?”

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Resonance is an intense and prolonged sound generated by vibration. For example, when a tuning fork vibrates, it creates sound. When a singer responds with that same sound, the tuning fork and the voice create a single frequency sound wave or sympathetic vibration. Resonance has the ability to travel. For example, if one vibrating tuning fork is placed near a second, stationary tuning fork, the second tuning folk will adopt the vibration of the first, also creating a tone.

The same principal of resonance applies in your life. What you resonate with, whether life-enhancing or life-depleting, is what you experience. What you do not resonate with, you do not experience. For example, you want to complete an important project. You go into action, but everything goes wrong – you can’t focus or get motivated. You either do not complete the project because you get exhausted or overwhelmed or you do complete it but you feel no pleasure or satisfaction. The reason is you didn’t resonate with the “frequency” or “vibration” of completing the project with ease, energy and pleasure. Instead, you resonated with your unconscious, life-depleting patterns of struggle, displeasure or even failure.

Shifting your resonance is the basis for all positive change whether you want to transform insecurity to self confidence or misery to joy.

How does resonance affect the human body?

In biological systems, resonance occurs as a result of energy emanating from atoms or molecules. The resonance frequencies differ depending on the body region. In natural circumstances, regional atoms and molecules resonate together with the same tone along energy pathways that affect our thoughts, moods and physical health.

Like water in a streambed, energy flows most efficiently when the pathways are clear. Clear energy pathways emit “coherent,” frequencies, resulting in feelings of well-being, optimism and strength. If there are barriers in the pathway, energy becomes backed up, creating “non-coherent” vibrations like static, depressing our emotions and immune system.

Throughout our lives, we experience situations and emotions that create blockages in our energy pathways that prevent optimum energy circulation and result in harmonious or inharmonious vibrations.. This can cause depression, stress, insecurity and other destructive mental states, as well as physical problems and susceptibility to disease.

In addition, the frequency pattern we emit affects the image we project to others. If you feel passion or inspiration, you resonate those qualities and attract individuals with those same qualities. If your life is full of anger and anxiety, you attract others with similar emotions.

RR identifies and releases blockages in our energy systems that produce non-coherence and restores our bodies’ natural energy flow, letting us regain the optimum state of wellbeing and control.

For more information on this, see Your Body Doesn’t Lie by John Diamond, MD and Power Versus Force by David R. Hawkins, PhD.

What is coherence?

“Coherence” is a state of order and harmony where things hold together and form a unified whole. Its opposite is chaos or non-coherence. A higher state of coherence is always preceded by chaos. In Chaos Theory, within the chaos the new coherent pattern is present and ready to emerge. When you live from coherence, you feel happy, energized, inspired, motivated, loving, compassionate, at peace. A coherent mind is clear thinking, objective, focused, creative, and confident. A coherent physical body is radiant, healthy, and strong.

Living from a state of coherence manifests as heart-felt relationships, successful careers and artistic endeavors, living a balanced life in work and play, realizing and living your dreams, enjoying your life fully.

How does RR identify unconscious patterns?

Our mind-body systems keep conscious and subconscious records of every experience in our lives, which can be accessed through our muscular structure frequencies. Muscle checking (applied kinesiology) uses the autonomic nervous system’s muscular response to assess the body’s physical, emotional and mental status, It then identifies life-depleting resonance that is causing problems, limitations and difficulties for you, and transforms them into life-enhancing resonance for extraordinary outcomes. Are your frequencies aligned energetically to support and attract positive outcomes, or not?

What are the practical applications of RR?

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RR allows you to achieve your potential in life – excellent health, emotional balance, clear thinking, vital relationships, creating clarity, and successful careers. In addition to its application in therapy, marital counseling, and alternative health care, RR can increase your success in business, art, acting, music, danceWhat methods does RR apply in transforming our frequencies to their optimal levels?

Coherence results when an astronomical number of sub-atomic particles move into phase with each other in their pulsation; they become aligned and part of an orchestral whole. When this occurs, only a small input of energy is needed for a system-wide impact to result. RR takes advantage of this scientific principle to achieve significant shifts in resonance patterns. RR uses a variety of healing techniques or “modalities,” including essential oils, sound, color, energetic contact, breath, and movement to convert life-depleting patterns into life-enhancing patterns that affect the body throughout.